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New Frontiers in Sustainable Design.

As a sustainable society is emerging adaptation to the demands of our changing world are essential for transformation of society to provide a healthy habitat for future generations. This is one the greatest tasks humanity faces which can only be accomplished by cooperation to meet the needs of our planet and our children.

Holistic Sustainable Living Modules Organic Alimentation StrategiesZero Waste SystemsRenewable Energy SystemsHolistic Water Systems Holistic Sustainable Homes

Green New World assists in the transition of society by providing services in holistic sustainable living designs and solutions that focus on holistic water systems, renewable energy systems, holistic food production, holistic residential designs and ecological zero waste solutions.

We invite all forms of cooperation to facilitate humanities needs through partnership, volunteering, collaboration, consultation, education, presentations, workshops, project management, designs and installation. Please visit our links to find out more on how our holistic sustainable solutions can provide assistance in transforming society.