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"Someone with the ability to answer spontaneously almost every question about ecosystems, eco construction, off-grid and renewable energy systems, with incredible precision and experience."





"I learned SOOO much from Samuel, and he was such a gracious teacher."





"I highly recommend spending some time here to learn from Samuel and be a small part of the great work he is doing. I can't wait to return!".





"I have been there already 4 or 5 times. It is an amazing surrounding to learn."





"This place is absolute magic."


Courses in Natural Building and Natural Living WS 2022/23

Natural Building Course - Superadobe

Our Courses provide you with the skills in Permaculture, Natural building and Appropriate technology to learn how to build a natural home, capture water, grow food, create zero waste systems and generate energy while regenerating the earth. The lifestyle at Green New World's research center Finca Nuevo Mundo exposes students to live in harmony with nature, eat freshly made healthy vegetarian meals and use natural and healthy products in our daily lives. Since 2011 we have been offering state of the art courses and internships to drive regenerative and natural living. Most courses are divided into 50% theory and 50% hands on experience. We provide course combo packages with our one month and three month Internship programs. To register please send a message to this link.


Dec 10


Permaculture Series: Building a Natural Probiotic Water Filter.

Biosand Filters are amongst the simplest and most effective methods to provide pathogen free potable water recognized by the WHO. You will learn how to build a filter with sand and natural probiotic cultures that when built to standardized guidelines eliminate 99.6% of all pathogens. Cost: US $50 Lunch included

Dec 17


Natural Building Course: Fundamentals Of Earth Biotecture.

This is a fun one day introductory Earth Biotecture course that will familiarize you with different earth building techniques, their differences and similarities, their strengths and weaknesses. We will be making mini structures out of cob, adobe, Superadobe, rammed earth, light clay straw and waddle daub while getting mudified! Cost: US $50 Lunch included

Jan 07


Appropriate Technology: Designing and Installing Photovoltaics.

This one day course provides you with the knowledge and skills to design and install grid-tied and off-grid photovoltaic systems. The course covers solar paths, basics in electricity and how to size and install system components such as solar panels, inverter, charge controller and batteries. Cost: US $50 Lunch included.

Jan 14

Appropriate Technology: Introduction to Home Biogas.

Biogas is one of the simplest solutions to generate renewable energy from organic waste. This introductory course will provide you with the fundamentals of anaerobic biodigestion, provide you with an overview of the different types of anaerobic bioreactors and provide instructions to build your own food waste biogas system to cook with. Cost: US$ 50 Lunch included.

Feb 11


Permaculture Series: Regenerative Polyculture Specialty Coffee Management and Processing.

This is a one day course that provides you with an overview of the ecological carbon neutral practices of specialty and premium grade coffee cultivation and processing of Finca Nuevo Mundo's award winning coffee. Cost: US $50 Lunch included.

Feb 18


Permaculture Series: Greywater Treatment - Botanical Cells, Constructed Wetlands and Absorption Basins.

This one day course will provide you with an overview of different methods to treat greywater. We will visit different treatment systems on site and go through the fundamental principles of a greywater treatment system and you will learn about different greywater treatment methods including absorption basins, banana circles, leach fields, indoor botanical cells and constructed wetlands. Cost: US $50 Lunch included.

March 6-8


Permaculture Series: Natural and Holistic Water Purification.

In this course you will learn how to remove natural and artificial contaminants from water including pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals and organic impurities. You will learn how to build different filter systems including a sediment, biosand filter, activated carbon filter and how to disinfect water through safe and natural methods such as hyper oxygenation and colloidal silver. Furthermore, you will learn how to treat your water by holistic methods to mineralize, alkalize and supercharge water to enhance the life giving benefits of water. Cost: US $150 yummy vegetarian meals and camping included.

Mar 13-16


Permaculture Series: Regenerative Land and Water Management.

The three main ingredients in life are air, water and carbon. While too much carbon ends up in the atmosphere and not in the soil the earth heats and dries. Correct management of air and water are central to reversal of desertification processes. In this course we will consider the techniques of proper water management and reaching the lands full water storage capacity. Reversal of erosive and weathering forces establishes the foundation for soil self-rebuilding. Then we will briefly review soil function and how to retrieve mineral nutrients that may be in short supply to promote regeneration and buildup of carbon. Cost: US $150 yummy vegetarian meals and camping included.

April 13


Appropriate Technology: Residential Rain Catchment System Design.

This one day course will teach you how to design and build residential rain catchment systems including sizing, components, first flush diverter, filtration and storage while learning about materials and methods that are safe for potable water use and which ones to avoid. Cost: US $50 lunch included.