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WaterResidential Energy Conservation Strategies Our current use of energy in many scenarios is highly inefficient. Many current devices and machines have a very low efficiency such as the conventional Rutherford fireplace where more than 90% of the heat is lost to the atmosphere or the incandescent light bulb where most energy is lost to heat. Similar inefficiencies are seen in engines, pumps and compressors. Installation of low consumption efficient appliances can reduce the overall energy demand by 50% without compromising on modern standards of living. These include LED lights, natural and induction based air conditioners, solar, geothermal or biofuel based heaters, vortex pumps, advanced hyper insulated refrigerators, efficient energy saving dishwashers, residual heat based efficient washing machines and biofuel stoves/ovens which consume most of the residential household energy. Green New World’s home designs utilize a combination of multiple sources of energy to maximize the efficiency. The Rutherford fireplace has been an object of our interest. We have designed a Multifunctional fireplace which captures more than 90% of the heat for useful purposes. Double combustion chambers fed with air from the outside allow the chimneys to run horizontally as well as vertically so that more heat can be exchanged inside the house. In addition, to space heating integration of multifunctional features incorporates residential water heating, an integrated oven, a laundry drier and a dehydrator to make maximum use while enjoying the esthetics and warmth of sitting around a fire place.