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HousingHomes Our culture has been neglecting the impact living conditions have on us. As we emerge into a new society we see the need to change our living situations and it starts with our homes where we retreat, rest and enjoy the comfort of our families and friends. Wholesome living incorporates personal wellbeing, healthy materials and sustainability. Many different building systems exist that are coherent with holistic living. Earth, wood, bamboo, hemp, stone, lime and straw all serve as natural and sustainable building materials. Holistic living not only incorporates structure, positive geometry and materials that are conducive to wellbeing but also all the systems contained are part of Green New World’s approach to providing models for holistic living.

Green New World provides support in form of consultation, partnership, workshops, design and execution of building projects to remodel old homes or design new homes that can integrate some or all aspects of holisitc sustainable living systems. This includes the structure, the water system, the energy system and the waste processing system. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Holistic Sustainable Building

Natural Climate Regulation

Integrated Synergistic Home Design


Holistic Sustainable Building Earth is one of the most abundant materials on our planet and has been used for eons in many cultures aroundSuperadobe the world as a building material such as Adobe, Cob, Geltaftan, Wattle and Daub, or Fired brick. An advanced technology has been pioneered known as Earthbags or Superadobe which makes building with earth organic, practical and robust. The advantage of these monolithic structures is that they withstand earthquakes, fires while selective thermal Cob Housemass integration ensures a comfortable climate shielding from radiation. In many climates earthen homes provide the ideal material for affordable sustainable housing. Also wood and bamboo grown sustainably provide a bonafide material that can be utilized alongside stone, limestone and strawbale to build simple to exquisite beautiful and sustainable structures. Green New World specializes in structures built with Cob, Superadobe, masonry and wood from simple to expansive. Green New World can make custom designs or use one of the established designs.


Natural Climate Regulation Holistic architectural design takes all systems into consideration and sees a house as an ecosystem within an ecosystem. Wind Scoup Green New World’s homes are designed as self-sufficient structures with integrated energy, water and sewage processing systems. Careful design considerations such as orientation of building, windows, solar gain, insulation and thermal mass can be integrated to create a comfortable climate without any further cooling or heating requirements. In some climatic scenarios an additional cooling or heating system may be required. Natural cooling systems such as wind capture, thermal uplift, evaporation chambers and solar cooling can maintain a comfortable climate inside. Heating systems can use several options such as solar, aerobic heating reactors, geothermal, biogas or wood burning stoves and ovens.


Integrated Synergistic Home Design Wood burning stoves are designed to be efficient and multifunctional providing for space heating, cooking, hot water, laundry drier and dehydrator at the same time in one system. For the remaining energy which is converted to electricity many options are available such as solar panels, wind generators and biofuel generators (see Energy). A self sufficient water source is ideal and in many bioregions rain catchment can be utilized. Water is captured from the roof and can be used in conjunction with another source. Water is treated with natural holistic procedures as described in our holistic water page. Every drop of water is designed to be reused four to six times (see Water). The sewage and biological waste is used in an anaerobic digestion reactor to create biogas for cooking, hot water and/or power a peak demand electric generator. Anaerobic digestion reactors can become a standard that could solve many of the problems we face today on our planet (see Waste).