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HousingHolistic and Biophilic Design of Residential Buildings Earth is one of the most abundant materials on our planet and has been used for eons in many cultures aroundSuperadobe the world as a building material such as Adobe, Cob, Geltaftan, Wattle and Daub, or Fired brick. An advanced technology has been pioneered known as Earthbags or Superadobe which makes building with earth organic, practical and robust. The advantage of these monolithic structures is that they withstand earthquakes, fires while selective thermal Cob Housemass integration ensures a comfortable climate shielding from radiation. In many climates earthen homes provide the ideal material for affordable sustainable housing. Also wood and bamboo grown sustainably provide a bonafide material that can be utilized alongside stone, limestone and strawbale to build simple to exquisite beautiful and sustainable structures. Green New World specializes in structures built with Cob, Superadobe, masonry and wood from simple to expansive. Green New World can make custom designs or use one of the established designs.