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HousingIntegrated Synergistic Residential Design Wood burning stoves are designed to be efficient and multifunctional providing for space heating, cooking, hot water, laundry drier and dehydrator at the same time in one system. For the remaining energy which is converted to electricity many options are available such as solar panels, wind generators and biofuel generators (see Energy). A self sufficient water source is ideal and in many bioregions rain catchment can be utilized. Water is captured from the roof and can be used in conjunction with another source. Water is treated with natural holistic procedures as described in our holistic water page. Every drop of water is designed to be reused four to six times (see Water). The sewage and biological waste is used in an anaerobic digestion reactor to create biogas for cooking, hot water and/or power a peak demand electric generator. Anaerobic digestion reactors can become a standard that could solve many of the problems we face today on our planet (see Waste).