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Internships at Green New World

Green New World offers four Internship Programs in Natural Building, Permaculture, Appropriate Technology and Specialty Polyculture Coffee. The programs are intended to provide skills, knowledge and experience with exposure to experimental techniques. We offer combo packages of courses with hands-on experience of the internship to maximize the benefit for those seriously interested in natural building and permaculture. Study material, food and lodging are provided as part of the internship program. Please register ahead of time as we only offer space for six interns.

First Superadobe Course in 2011

Natural Building Internship

The Natural Building Internship provides hands-on experience in various techniques depending on current activities. Generally we work with a variety of natural building techniques including Superadobe, cob, adobe, stone, bamboo and timber with earth building taking the center stage. We also like experimenting with new materials and techniques to advance the field. We are also in the process of growing building materials such as bamboo, timber and palm thatch. Currently most of our efforts are dedicated to Project HOPE involving natural clay and lime plasters, natural water proofing, mosaics, earthern floors and carpentry while crossing paths with passive thermal regulation and various energy water and waste systems integrated into Project HOPE. Previous experience is beneficial however not required. Theoretical preparation is required and study material will be provided before the internship. Internships in Natural Building are one month minimum from December till May and 3 months from May till December.


Apropriate Technology Internship - Energy, Water and Waste Systems

The Appropriate Technology Program focuses on developing experimental and simple energy, water and waste systems. Interns will receive much knowledge and experience in the selected topic. The current internship program is dedicated to completing the modules for the Project HOPE. Some internships require additional skills or qualifications depending on the technical demands of the module. We are currently offering Internships in rain catchment, biogas generation, greywater filtration, solar hot water heating, algal biofuel production and biomass gasification. The internship duration is based on the demands of the project and may vary from 1 to 3 months. Internships in appropriate technology requires careful planning and therefore we ask to apply well ahead of time to prepare for the project. Please inquire on the requirements for the Internship project you are interested to join.


Permaculture Design - Regenerative Landscape and Watershed Internship

The Permaculture Design Internship is focused on regenerating landscapes. Land degradation accounts for one of the greatest challenges of our planet. On average every hectare of land loses one ton of soil annually to wind and water erosion. You will learn to analyze the landscape and apply permaculture design to stop degradation and integrate restorative methods. This internship provides you with the skills on regenerating landscapes including nutrient retention and soil buildup strategies, sustainable water management with ecological and organic food production systems. This program requires a PDC or similar.


Regenerative Polyculture Coffee Farming and Ecological Specialty Processing Internship

Our award winning permaculture coffee has set a standard for carbon neutral and environmentally friendly farming practices. The coffee is grown in a shaded polyculture food forest with numerous nitrogen fixing plants that is self-sustaining and requires no fertilizers! Wet processing of coffee is the most common practice in Central America. On average every kilogram of coffee fruit processed generates 35 liters of contaminated water! We have established a model for ecological coffee farming by recycling the water three times and using the final waste water to feed and irrigate bananas. With Permaculture design we were able to turn a problem into solution! The internship will expose you to polyculture coffee farming practices and ecological high quality processing for Specialty grade coffee. This Internship is offered from Nov to March with a one month minimum commitment.