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WaterHolistic Water Purification We are beginning to understand the role of water quality on the wellbeing and health of humans and other organisms. The negative implications of the broad use of chemicals such as chorine and fluoride are starting to emerge. A multitude of studies have been published providing evidence for the detrimental effects of chemically treated water. The direct relationship between disease and chemically treated water is difficult to establish. Yet the surge of cancer cases since the introduction of chlorinated water has been documented.

Numerous studies have suggested that our current perspective on the physical and energetic quality of water and its impact on human health and the environment has been limited. There are accounts indicating that the energetic property of water is essential to promote the wellbeing of citizens and the environment. Many current procedures to treat and purify water neglect this vital aspect. Natural organic purification procedures have been identified and tested by Green New World that mimic natural systems by applying the same underlying principles and materials as nature to provide ideal purification while energizing and alkalizing water. Green New World’s hoistic water treatment procedure can be composed of up to 7 stages with pre-filtration, filtration, purification, alkalization, activation and disinfection that utilize natural materials. The final design depends on the type of impurities the water carries and the purpose of use. Prefiltration depends on the initial contamination and sediments in the water. River water or water with a high sediment content would pass through a sediment filter or a settlement tank before passing through silica sand and finally a 0.5 micron ceramics filter which eliminates most known pathogens including bacteria, parasites and other waterborne pathogens. Chemicals and larger molecules are purified by a carbon block made out of coconut fiber. If halogens such as fluoride are present an ion exchange stage is added. After purification the water is alkalized and mineralized with Calcium and Magnesium by passing through a column with a mixture of dolomite lime, crushed see shells and other minerals. Next the water can be activated by several methods such as neodymium magnets, amethyst crystals or a hyperbolic funnel. Finally, depending on the use of water it is disinfected with ionized silver, ionized copper or with hyper reactive oxygene known as ozone. We avoid invasive methods such as reverse osmosis or ultraviolet radiation as it impacts the water structure and does not comply with Green New World’s understanding of a natural holistic water purification system. In most cases a simple filter can be constructed with silica sand and activated carbon to provide safe and basic drinking water.